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1994 (Volume 1)


    Major Medical Centers Scramble for Clinical Grants Dollars

    Tightening of government funding for research spurs academic centers to court private industry.

    Alternative centers are capturing a larger share of the market.

    Major medical centers that have established clinical-trials departments have realized big increases in grants.

    Phase II Watch Provides Window of Opportunity

    Targeting pharmaceutical companies at right time is key to obtaining Phase III grants.

    Annual Phase III spending by PhRMA members alone tops $3 billion.

    Despite size of market, investigators fail to apply for Phase III grants in systematic, effective way

    Pfizer Funds $7 Million Fellowship to Train Clinical Investigators

    Collaboration with Harvard hospital and MIT will give Pfizer advantage in recruiting top investigators.

    Testing an Old Wives Tale Leads to Fame (and Grant Dollars)

    Clinical investigator scientifically tests folklore about medicinal value of cranberry juice.

    Food companies an overlooked source for clinical research grant

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    Private Doctors Launch Nationwide Consortium

    Affiliated Research Centers (ARC) represents 34 centers and 158 investigators.

    Investigator-owned company eyes capturing 50 percent of market for urological clinical research.

    The company expects to launch nationwide consortiums in 11 other fields.

    Second Thoughts About Thought Leaders

    Poor performance by Thought Leaders has drug companies rethinking how they should use them.

    Analysis of large Phase III trial shows that the Thought Leaders performed poorly in terms of speed and quality, and were more expensive than average.

    Sponsors have an opportunity to improve clinical trials process by making more judicious use of Thought Leaders.

    Sponsors Turning More Critical of Investigators' Performance

    Sponsors using more systematic methods to measure investigators' performance.

    Over 35 U.S. pharmaceutical companies now using industry data base to compare center costs.

    Sponsors using Freedom of Information Act to determine if investigators have been cited for deficiencies.

    Sandoz Developing New Strategy for Siting Phase III Trials

    "Portfolio" approach will rank candidate investigators based on past performance in three areas: speed, quality, and cost.

    Only higher-ranked investigators will win contracts.

    Study shows portfolio approach will result in improved data quality, lower study costs per patient, and quicker completion of Phase III trials.

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