2018 Research Practitioner

Research Practitioner—2018 (Volume 19)

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    Volume 19, Number 6,   November-December 2018

    The struggle for diversity in clinical trials continues

    The status of clinical research: 2018 year-end trends

    FDA opens door for pediatric inclusion in some adult oncology trials


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    Volume 19, Number 5,  September-October 2018

    The state of virtual clinical trials

    What to expect during an FDA GCP/BIMO inspection


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    Volume 19, Number 4,  July-August 2018

    Ethics in clinical research: The ongoing effort for higher standards

    Researchers, legislators question the clinical trial process

    Congress delays NIH’s new definition of clinical trials


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    Volume 19, Number 3,  May/June 2018

    Emerging trends in clinical research: The need for change

    Caution for NIH's single IRB policy for multi-site research

    SMART IRB streamlines approach


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