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October 2003 – The CenterWatch Monthly

Volume 10, Issue 10


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A Phase IV Market Accelerates

Phase IV research activity is growing rapidly–far faster than that seen in phases I-III. Regulatory commitments, safety concerns and economic factors are all driving the growth in a variety of phase IV research programs. Multinational and niche CROs are managing the bulk of these research projects, despite a cumbersome bidding process. Practice-based investigators are being actively sought to conduct post-approval research. Controversies over the intrinsic value of some phase IV activity abound.

Site Strategies to Improve Recruitment Advertising Effectiveness

Spending on patient recruitment advertising and promotion is growing by 15%annually as investigative sites and sponsors increasingly turn to mass media to reach larger numbers of prospective study volunteers. Still, most sites find that mass media patient recruitment advertising has had a mixed impact on reducing subject enrollment delays. Leading investigative sites offer pointers and tips designed to improve recruitment advertising effectiveness.

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