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Drugs in Clinical Trials Database


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With more than 4,000 new detailed drug profiles in hundreds of disease conditions worldwide, the Drugs in Clinical Trials Database is an easy-to-search, comprehensive and cost-effective resource that is ideal for industry professionals seeking to monitor the performance of drugs in the pipeline, track competitors’ development activity, identify development partners and new clinical study leads or analyze drug information for investment opportunities. Updated weekly.

Drug profiles include:

  • Mechanism of action
  • Indication(s) for use
  • Formulation
  • Study phase status
  • Manufacturer and contact information
  • Clinical trial results

Searchable by:

  • Keyword
  • Generic name/trade name
  • Pharmaceutical company/manufacturer
  • Research phase
  • Medical condition

Additional services include:

  • Monthly email highlighting recent database updates, new clinical trial results and FDA approvals.
  • Ability to download search results into Microsoft Excel to create custom charts and analysis for use in strategic business plans, forecasting, benchmark reports and more.

Recommended for:

  • Investigators, clinical study nurses, pharmacists, scientists and other clinical research professionals
  • Pharma and biotech 
  • Investigative research sites, hospitals and academic institutions
  • Contract Research Organizations and other service providers
  • Industry and market research analysts and management consultants
  • Regulatory professionals and educators