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Drugs in Clinical Trials Database


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With more than 4,000 new investigational treatments in 800+ disease conditions worldwide, the Drugs in Clinical Trials Database is an easy-to-search, comprehensive resource that is ideal for industry professionals seeking to monitor the performance of drugs in the pipeline; track competitors’ development activity; and identify development partners and clinical grant opportunities.

Drug profiles include:

  • Mechanism of action
  • Indication(s) for use
  • Formulation
  • Study phase status
  • Manufacturer and contact information
  • Clinical trial results
  • Updated weekly

Searchable by:

  • Keyword
  • Generic name/trade name
  • Pharmaceutical company/manufacturer
  • Research phase
  • Medical condition

Additional services include:

  • Monthly e-mail highlighting new trial announcements and results
  • Ability to download search results into Microsoft Excel
  • Free access to FDA-Approved Drugs database and New Medical Therapies database

Recommended for:

  • Investigators, study nurses, pharmacists, and other research professionals
  • Sponsors, CROs, SMOs, academic institutions, and service providers
  • Industry and market research analysts and management consultants
  • Regulatory professionals and educators