eDirectory of the Clinical Trials Industry

Price: $475.00

Previously available as a printed directory, the new eDirectory is an online, searchable and downloadable database featuring contact and profile information on nearly 2,000 companies involved in the clinical research industry. Company profiles can be searched by keyword, company name, city, state, phase focus, therapeutic specialties and services offered.

The eDirectory features:

  • 140+ pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies
  • 350+ foreign and U.S.-based CROs
  • 140+ site management organizations and site networks
  • 1300+ academic-based, part-time, and dedicated investigative sites
  • 40+ institutional review boards
  • 480+ consultants, financial analysts and service providers to the clinical trials industry

Perfect for:

  • Identifying and selecting vendors
  • Establishing relationships with sponsor and CRO companies
  • Generating new business opportunities and sales
  • Tracking competitors and new companies to the industry
  • Identifying and selecting investigative sites, AMCs, and SMOs for upcoming and ongoing trials
A unique password to access the online database is provided with each purchase.  To find out more, contact (866) 219-3440 ext. 4 or email us at sales@centerwatch.com.
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