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MOBI & EPUB: April 2013

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Chapter 6:
Devices and Biologics

The CRC's Guide to Coordinating Clinical Research, Second Edition



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About The CRC's Guide:

New chapters, updated content, more tips, helpful exercises and more!

The CRC’s Guide to Coordinating Clinical Research has been one of the foremost training tools and reference guides for novice and experienced coordinators since the first edition was released in 2004. Now with new chapters on investigational product accountability, device and biologics trials and data safety monitoring boards, along with key takeaways and newly added case studies, The CRC’s Guide is the most comprehensive resource available for on-site training staffs, professors or individuals interested in a step-by-step approach to coordinating successful clinical trials.

Topics include:

  • A comprehensive review of CRC roles and responsibilities
  • Understanding regulations and Good Clinical Practice (GCPs)
  • Preparing for a clinical study
  • Working with patient volunteers
  • The informed consent process
  • Case report forms and EDC
  • Study closure
  • The future outlook
  • Job descriptions and current academic programs
  • Adverse Events and Safety Monitoring
  • Sample Forms, Checklists and Logs

Recommended for: 

  • Novice and experienced CRCs or clinical research coordinators seeking certification, clinical research managers or other clinical research staff interested in study coordinating
  • Health professionals interested in pursuing a career as a study coordinator
  • Instructors conducting internal and external clinical research training and educational programs

Reader Comments:

“As a clinical research professional with 20-plus years of experience, I feel this book should be a required tool for all new and experienced coordinators. This is the most practical tool for clinical research instruction I have ever seen. Dr. Woodin does an excellent job highlighting and thoroughly elucidating all the components needed to coordinate a research study in an efficient and compliant way. Anyone working in the field of clinical research would benefit greatly from reading this guide.”

—Julie Bouma
Clinical Research Manager
Borgess Research Institute

“[The CRC’s guide] is an extremely readable book, conveying the very serious aspects of clinical research but with a touch of lighthearted humor and practical advice. New coordinators will find this book to be a wonderfully comprehensive introduction; seasoned coordinators will find it a valuable resource.”

—Susan Radtke, RN, MA, CCRP

Read a review by Norm Goldfarb, Managing Director of First Clinical Research.