2019 Financial & Operating Benchmarks


Are your operations measuring up? How can you best position yourselves for sustainability and growth?

Benchmark report helps you know how to accelerate trial growth and maximize efficiency using current industry trends.

Set Your Site Apart

Knowing where you stand against your peers on key performance metrics can help you make continual improvements to achieve faster recruitment, greater sponsor support and increased number of trials.

payment frequency

Increase Your Speed to Market

Understanding your metrics can help you optimize for speed, cost and quality of results.

Key performance metrics in this report include:

  • Staffing
  • Sponsor payment
  • Risk-based management
  • Sponsor perceptions

Benchmark Data: Year over Year Comparison

payment frequency

The report consists of three data sets:

  • Benchmark data for small sites (those conducting 10 or fewer trials a year)
  • Benchmark data for large sites (those conducting 11 or more trial a year)
  • Comparison data showing differences and similarities between small and large sites
payment frequency

Reports data points

  • Trial volume
  • Patients screened and enrolled
  • Staffing levels and hiring plans
  • Sponsor payment frequency
  • Causes of trial delays
  • Site revenue
  • Factors in effective site management
  • Sponsor/CRO collaboration
  • Risk-based monitoring
  • Desired sponsor improvements

Sample of key findings (Large Sites)

  • Full-time staffing decreased overall in the past two years, except for study coordinators, principal investigators and sub-investigators.
  • Contract and budget negotiations continue to be the biggest headache for sites, joined this year by payment delays and protocol amendments.
  • Since 2014, most large sites have reported a trend of an increasing number of studies involving risk-based monitoring.
  • Percent of large sites waiting more than 120 days for sponsor payments doubled in the past two years.

Sample of key findings (Small Sites):

  • The number of certified clinical research coordinators employed by small sites dropped 10 percent.
  • The number of clinical trials conducted per year has remained largely unchanged.
  • Percent of small sites waiting more than 120 days for sponsor payments decreased by one-third.

Recommended for:

  • Investigative sites
  • Sponsors and CROs
  • Clinical research associates
  • Principal investigators
  • Clinical services organizations
  • Professionals interested in the business of clinical research
2019 Financial & Operating Benchmarks
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