2019 Global Site Relationship Benchmark Reports


Global Site Relationship Benchmark Reports

How can sponsors and CROs strengthen their relationships with sites? What are the opportunities and solutions to address site concerns?

Developing strong working relationships among investigative sites, sponsors and CROs is more important than ever as the clinical trials industry continuously changes in response to market demands. CenterWatch has released the 2019 Global Site Relationship Benchmark Reports — one for Sponsors and another for CROs — to provide key relationship-specific insights from global investigative sites.

Compiled from the 2019 CenterWatch Global Investigative Site survey of more than 4,000 sites, these proprietary reports highlight the top areas where sponsors and CROs have improved their business working relationships with sites and list other areas where improvement is needed.

Sites rated sponsors and CROs on their performance in six categories:

  • Project support: timely drug availability, query handling, medical staff, technology usage, staff accessibility
  • Study monitoring: knowledgeable and trained CRAs, monitor turnover, study support, RBM process
  • Protocol/study design planning: protocol design, amendments, project timelines, case report form design
  • Site management: training for CRFs, patient recruitment planning, investigator meetings, technology
  • Work style: staff empowerment, communication, supportive culture
  • Contracts and budgets: protocols and budgets, negotiations, patient recruitment funding, grant payments and schedules

The reports show attributes on which sponsors performed best and worst.

Reports are conveniently provided in a PDF format for use in conference presentations, strategic business and marketing reports, organizational meetings, or round-table discussions.

Benchmark Data: Year over Year Comparison

Sponsors Performance CRO Performance

The good news is that the average ‘Excellent’ ratings for both Sponsors’ and CROs’ are on the rise.

For Sponsors excellent ratings across all attributes increased from 48 percent in 2017 to 53 percent in 2019. And the CROs excellent ratings across all attributes increased from 48 percent in 2017 to 51 percent in 2019.

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