Research Practitioner Test Links & Registration Instructions

To complete a Research Practitioner exam, please begin by selecting the link below for the test you wish to take.

Active Exams

Please note: All Research Practitioner post-test evaluations are available for 12 months. Any test older than 12 months has expired and is no longer available for ANCC credits.

First time login:
After selecting a test, please enter your email address. EEDS will confirm your information and walk you through the test, evaluation and the registration process. EEDS will provide you a new pin number for future login purposes. Please save this pin number for future reference.

Login for registered users:
If you have previously registered through the EEDS site, then you will log in with your EEDS pin number. Or, if you are registered, but forget your pin number, you can visit and to log in select 
 “With my E-mail Address”. 

How to obtain previously completed certificates

  • To obtain previously completed ANCC certificates, please contact Tufts “TUSM OCE” department:


Phone: 617-636-6579


Log in to the following site instead ( ) using your email address and “welcome” as your password.

Any additional questions, please contact CenterWatch customer service at
or (866) 219-3440