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June 2012

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Global Issues in Patient Recruitment and Retention

Author: , Founder and President of DAC Patient Recruitment Services, an Imperial Company
Introduction by: Martin Lee, M.D., Executive Vice President, DAVA Oncology LP


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Advance Praise:

The authors have once again sharpened the focus on the imperative topic of clinical trial patient recruitment in Global Issues in Patient Recruitment and Retention. As patient recruitment continues to evolve from a contingency activity to a strategic consideration to an accepted and required aspect of clinical trial implementation, so, too, has our need for insights and knowledge regarding the tactical nuances shared by the subject matter experts in this book.
—Scott Ballenger, RPh
Trial Acceleration Institute, Inc.

Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent every year globally to recruit patients into clinical trials. That’s why it’s so surprising that there’s only one comprehensive book on the subject. Fortunately, Diana Anderson wrote it. In fact, this treatise is required reading for every new employee that we hire.
—Rob Weinstock
Vice President, Clinical Trial Media

With 90% of studies delayed due to poor patient recruitment, and increasing numbers of studies being conducted in unfamiliar markets, it has never been more important to understand and overcome barriers to finding volunteers. Global Issues in Patient Recruitment and Retention is a must-read for managers at all levels who are seriousabout cutting study timelines.
—Adam Chasse, MHA
Vice President, Corporate Development, RxTrials

This valuable and timely book provides a comprehensive overview of the current “state of the art” in patient recruitment and retention. I know I speak for all readers in expressing my appreciation to Diana Anderson-Foster and all of the expert contributors for sharing their knowledge of this important area.
—Martin Lee, M.D.
Executive Vice President, DAVA Oncology LP

It is well documented that slow patient enrollment is a global contributor of study delays. Likewise, retaining patients once enrolled can be equally arduous, but just as critical to the completion and success of a clinical trial. In her second book on the subject, industry expert Diana Anderson-Foster tackles for the first time the global challenges posed by these everyday issues and provides thoughtful analysis and strategic solutions to minimize recruitment costs and develop successful global patient recruitment programs. With insight and contributions from thought-leaders in the industry, this guide also delves into the sponsor’s perspective on patient recruitment and tackles new emerging topics including technology challenges, phase I recruiting and the role of social media.

This guide is a valuable and indispensable resource for anyone involved in clinical operations, specifically patient recruitment and retention.

Topics covered:

  • In-depth insights on international recruitment in Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe, Western Europe and India
  • Operational challenges and solutions
  • Site feasibility and protocol evaluations
  • Metrics reporting of recruitment outcomes
  • Closing enrollment shortfalls
  • Global implications on patient retention
  • Minority recruitment
  • Creating effective and compelling collateral materials


Recommended for:

  • Physicians, study nurses, CRCs
  • Professionals involved in other areas of clinical research including site management, trial operations and development, trial execution and optimization, clinical development
  • Instructors conducting clinical research training and educational programs